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Meet Claudia Pierce

Welcome to Restore Wellness with Claudia!


I am delighted to introduce myself as Claudia, your dedicated Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, and Nutrition Consultant. With passion and purpose, I am here to guide you on your journey towards optimal health well-being.


My own transformative journey to becoming a Certified Holistic Health Coach started when I was diagnosed with my first chronic autoimmune disease in my late 30's. Feeling lost and overwhelmed, I searched tirelessly for solutions to manage my symptoms and reclaim my health. Conventional medicine fell short, leaving me discouraged.  But everything changed when I discovered the power of holistic health and wellness practices. Through extensive research and personal experimentation, I explored various approaches, like stress reduction, a whole foods diet to help combat inflammation, the importance of learning ingredients, the strategic use of vitamins and supplements, and the benefits of essential oils. As I implemented these practices, I witnessed profound improvements in my own health and well-being. This pivotal experience ignited a deep-rooted passion within me to help others find their path to healing.


Drawing on my expertise I founded  "Keeping Wellness Real", in San Diego,CA,  where I discovered my passion for guiding individuals toward optimal well-being. Through-out the years, I have honed my ability and had the privilege of helping numerous clients transform their lives.

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I also served for 10 years as supervisor of Vitamins, Supplements and Whole Body Care at Sprouts in California. This deepened my understanding of the intricate relationship between nutrition and overall wellness. These experiences have equipped me with the knowledge and ability to design and implement personal wellness plans, nutritional goals and vitamin/supplement regimens.


Having recently embarked on an exciting adventure and relocated to Monmouth County, NJ, where I joined an esteemed team at Jenny Craig. This allowed me to embrace a bi-coastal experience, working with individuals from diverse backgrounds to help them achieve their goals.


Now, with immense pride and enthusiasm, I proudly unveil Restore Wellness with Claudia, a culmination of my previous ventures and the wonderful clients I've had the privilege of assisting. Within this chapter, we will embrace the essence of "Keeping Wellness Real," the loyal clients I nurtured during my tenure at Sprouts, and the individuals and families who have entrusted their well-being to my time at Jenny Craig.


My passion is to provide valuable insight into each individual's unique needs fostering self awareness of the mind, body and spirit.  Whether your goals revolve around weight loss, achieving life balance, increasing energy levels, addressing sleep disorders, managing auto-immune issues, improving digestive issues, alleviating chronic pain, balancing hormones or harnessing the benefits of essential oils. I will approach your wellness plan with the utmost care. Together we will explore personalized strategies, set achievable goals, and celebrate your progress to optimal wellness.


I believe that true health is a life-long journey and the most sustainable way to transform your health is by one step at a time toward a happier, healthier you. Intension is about the journey not the destination.


Your story matters, and I warmly welcome the opportunity to be a part of it. Reach out today and let's embark on this incredible journey together.


To Your Vibrant Health!


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